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Ongreening Pavilion

© Ramboll

Ongreening Team



Ramboll Computational Design



London, UK



Completed 2014

Ramboll Computational Design have recently used Karamba3d during the structural design of The Ongreening Pavilion, a demountable shell first assembled at Ecobuild 2014 in London. The structural approach involved form-finding 6mm straight timber laths into bending-active ‘elastica’ curves, laced with additional elements formed along surface geodesics.

Structural Analysis and Displacements © Ramboll

Following an initial placement of the laths, manual adjustments were made based on feedback from Karamba3d. By using real-time analysis within Grasshopper, the team could improve the overall efficiency of the structure before committing to a final geometry. As well as the final design, Karamba3d helped establish the assembly order of the laths in order to minimise any temporary supports required during construction.

Structural Analysis and Displacements © Ramboll
Plan © Ramboll

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The project was presented at the 2014 Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) conference in London, September 18-19th.