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Buckling Simulation – 3d Printing Concrete

We worked together with Witteven+Bos to develop a tool to help study the performance of 3d printed concrete structures to predict buckling and collapse failure. The continuous struggle is to accurately simulate the structural behaviour of such 3d printed structures, where the material and structural properties change over a short amount of time. Often structural analyses seem to overestimate the overall stability of the printed structure.

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Supercomputing Net Zero Structures

Together with Digital Blue Foam we developed a user-friendly design
tool which allows project stakeholders to quickly generate and compare
structural design options and scenarios with respect to cost, embodied
carbon and sequestered carbon with the assistance of generating more synthetic data with the use of a supercomputer.

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Structural Engineering on the Cloud

ShapeDiver is an innovative platform that allows you to share your grasshopper scripts on the cloud. With support of Karamba3D available on ShapeDiver, you can now share your structural setups online.

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