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Temple of the Sun

©Office for the New Earth
Completed Structure ©Office for the New Earth

Office for the New Earth



Office for the New Earth



Lesvos, Greece



Completed June 2022

The team at Office for the New Earth (ONE) have recently completed an outdoor timber multifunctional structure for refugee children in Lesvos, Greece. ONE was founded in 2022 as a non-profit design and construct practice that envisions to build healing spaces for children in need. Karamba3D is proud to be able to support them in their mission. 

Structural and Geometric Model ©Office for the New Earth

Text by Office for the New Earth: 

The Temple of the Sun is a multi-functional space for the slightly older children of the camp on Lesvos, realized in 2022. Under the large pointing triangles, they have room for imagination and play, social activities and relaxation. 

Following the concrete pathway along the plant beds, the children can either access the space by the poetic arches or enter directly through the open front and back. There, the first thing that draws their attention is the extra wide swing, which invites them to engage together in thrilling motions. Since the swing can be taken away thanks to its clips, more room can be made for creative expression on the yellow chalkboard, a warm color chosen for its ability to elevate the mood. Children can also choose to relax in the handmade hammock, knowing there is a place for them where they can release the pressure of the camp off their shoulders.

The six meters high structure is visible from far away, both inside and outside the camp, drawing the children’s curiosity towards the education area, the seven wooden triangles at the top blend with the natural background of the hill. Combined with many ornaments and high transparency, it radiates a unique subtlety throughout the area. Closer by, the structure looks like a small chapel, filtering the light through the wooden beams and ornaments. It feels like a small temple, a sacred space for children to elevate their mood and reflect a sense of dignity. Therefore, we came up with the name ‘Temple of the Sun’. 

Completed Structure ©Office for the New Earth
Completed Structure ©Office for the New Earth

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