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Vierendeel House

© Patricio Llordella

Patricio Llordella, Juan Fostel



Jorge Farez



Hudson, Argentina



Completed 2018

Architects Patricio Llordella and Juan Fostel and engineer Jorge Farez recently collaborated on a project to design a single family home in Hudson, Argentina. Karamba3D was paired with an in-house developed multi-objective optimisation tool, Zirkel, to develop an design that meets the architectural and structural design needs.

All Text and Images from Patricio Llordella

Parametric Modeling
The parametric modeling of the house was carried out to create an editable volume of all its elements allowing us to study the combination of the structural and architectural parameters. In this way the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of each proposal are evaluated in real-time.

Parametric Structural Analysis
The structural design is achieved through an interdisciplinary interplay between the architecture and the structure, obtaining the desired aesthetic and functional results for the house without compromising the stability. This was carried out with the structural plugin for Grasshopper, Karamba3D, allowing us to define the necessary dimensions of the structural elements in real time and analyze the possible solutions.

Multi-objective Optimization

To accelerate the process of analysis and search of results, we used a multi-objective optimizer (Zirkel) developed by our colleagues that allowed us to quickly and efficiently obtain a population of possible results within the parameters previously established with the parametric structural analysis and the architectural project.

Population of solutions located and colored according to the proposed objectives

FEM Analaysis
Once the solution was chosen among the selected results of the optimizer, it was analyzed in Autodesk Robot Structural Calculation Software to obtain the necessary reinforcement in each sector of the structure. Next, the results obtained by Karamba3D were compared, with great similarity in the results.

Result Verification
After obtaining the desired result with the software, the results were verified manually.
In the analysis of the cantilevered beam, we found that the bending moment generated by the beam caused the displacement of all the columns that are on that axis. This had to be taken into account for the calculation of those columns since they are in charge of generating the structural resistance to maintain overall stability necessary to maintain structural stability. Below is the analysis of principal stresses and deformations in the main section of the Vierendeel beam.

Tension diagram from Karamba3d are collated with the reinforcement indicated by the calculation software

The construction process of the work takes into account this structural analysis discussed above. For that reason the cantilever was maintained with his formwork until the concrete beam and the whole structure that gives resistance to it were completely finished. Below are some images of the construction process:

3d Rendering of the project
Low floor slab formwork
Formwork of high floor columns
Removal of Formwork not affected by the Vierendeel
Removal of Formwork below the Vierendeel

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