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Active Energy Building

© Roland Korner
© Roland Korner

falkeis | architects



Bollinger + Grohmann



Vaduz, Liechtenstein



Completed 2016

Designed by falkeis | architects  with the structural design from Bollinger + Grohmann, the Active Energy Building in Vaduz introduces a novel system of efficient and economic, yet architecturally intriguing bearing structures for housing units. Instead of a traditional approach based on a regular grid of straight columns, inclined columns were introduced that drive through the buildings volume, constituting a symbiosis of functional and architectural parameters. To do so a two step optimization process was established:

Step 1: Topology Optimization by Structural Growth Analogy (Karamba BESO algorithm for 1D-element structural growth: construction with prefab linear elements) © Bollinger Grohmann
Step 2: Geometry Optimization by Genetic Algorithm (Given topology of column configuration from Step 1 ‘BESO‘. Rotational adjustment of ‘column trees‘ where Genes = Rotations) © Bollinger Grohmann
Karamba model under vertical and horizontal loads © Bollinger Grohmann
Stresses in deformed Karamba model (13x) © Bollinger Grohmann

The structure is designed out of reinforced concrete. The reinforced concrete floors are designed as flat slabs with a span between 6 and 12 meters. The middle area of the building is supported by prefabricated steel columns from the ground floor on. With the help of genetic algorithms a structure was developed that is composed out of 4 different types of columns (2x V-shaped & 2x A-shaped). The location and orientation of those columns resulted in irregular appearance with an optimized structural load bearing behavior while minimizing the material resources.

Building Components © Bollinger Grohmann
© Hanno Konrad Anstalt
© Hanno Konrad Anstalt
© Hanno Konrad Anstalt
© Roland Korner