Reseller Conditions

Current Prices

All license prices are listed on our webshop and must be maintained.
We will issue information should there be changes to the license prices.

PRO Reseller Discount

1: 15%
Cases of* 2+: 25%
Cases of* 10+: 35%
Cases of* 50+: 40%
*can be licensed to different clients

Educational Reseller Discount

1+: 30%
10+: 40%

Payment Terms

Terms are Credit Card, Paypal or Wire Transfer.

Shipping Policy

All products ship electronically. Licenses are usually processed within 1 working day after order confirmation, and receiving the required license registration information.

License Agreement

Our license agreement can be found here.

Additional Terms

  • Resellers must first purchase the Reseller Starter Package to become an official Karamba3D reseller. There is no minimum quota to maintain a reseller status.
  • Resellers must maintain up-to-date information about Karamba3D products on their web site.
  • The validity of the time limited licenses starts with the issue date of the license.
  • Stock licenses do not expire and licenses can be used for new as well as for renewals of existing licenses.
  • We offer technical support (installation/runtime issues) for both dealers and end users. Support for Grasshopper/Scripts is strictly on our Forum otherwise charged independently at an hourly rate.
  • Resellers may sell to end users or other resellers.

Application Information

  • Company Name/Website/Address/Phone
  • Company Owner: Name/Email
  • Sales Manager: Name/Email
  • Support Manager: Name/Email
  • Trainer Manager: Name/Email
  • Company: Year Business Started/Number of Employees/Number of Offices/Training Facilities/Other 3D CAD softwares you sell

Reseller Starter Package

1800€ (excl. VAT)

3 x PRO licenses for resale
Not-for-Resale/non commercial licenses for internal use
Press kit material and other marketing material

Purchasing a Reseller Starter Package entitles you to become an Official Karamba3D reseller and receive all discount benefits. For workshops or presentations we can provide you with 1-month time limited full licenses.

To inquire about becoming an official reseller simply email us at [email protected].

Unofficial Resellers can also purchase Karamba3D licenses on behalf of their end users but are not eligible for discounts. We do not list unofficial resellers on our website.

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