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Moulded joining technology with modified bonded-in rods

© Tarick Chahade
Design and Structure

Dr. Tarick Chahade


The University of Granada / University of Applied Sciences Mainz


PhD – November 2018 – July 2022

Supervisors Thesis

Prof. Dr. Leandro Morillas Romero and Prof. Dr.‑Ing. Kay-Uwe Schober

Project Partners

Institute of Innovative Structures Mainz (Germany)
Modell- und Formenbau GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany)
Sachverständigen-Ingenieurbüro-Oppel (Germany)

Dr. Tarick Chahade’s doctoral thesis focused on the development of a high-performance composite system for roundwood members in modular truss structures, addressing the limitations of joint technologies and increasing the usability of roundwood in modern constructions.

The thesis explored connection designs using modified bonded-in threaded rods, digital fabricated and bio-composite molded joints, and an interactive structural design algorithm. The research resulted in significantly improved load-bearing capacity compared to standardized connection techniques, the development of one-piece molded joints with efficient load transfer, and the creation of a lightweight wood fiber composite material. Karamba3D was employed to analyze and optimize the spatial trusses, frames, and shell structures.

The algorithmic approach facilitated automated planning, efficient integration of production and costs, and real-time optimization of dependencies between architecture, structural design, and fabrication, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the roundwood truss system.

Modified bonded-in threaded rods: longitudinal section sketch (a), cross-section view (b) and strain measurement © Tarick Chahade
Moulded joint (a) and load introduction for compression (b) and tension (c) © Tarick Chahade
Modified bonded-in threaded rods: longitudinal section sketch (a), cross-section view (b) and strain measurement © Tarick Chahade
Wood fibre composite specimens (a) and failure types for compression (b) and bending (c) tests © Tarick Chahade
Engineering in Karamba3D showing the internal forces (left) and Roundwood stress design according to EN1995 (right) © Tarick Chahade
Live Image Simulation © Tarick Chahade
WFC moulded joint: fabrication (a), prototype (b) and texture (c) © Tarick Chahade

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Dr. Tarick Chahade
Scientist – Concepts for technical innovations in Engineering
Structural Engineer and Parametric Engineering Expert @ REHUB digital Planer

Doctoral Thesis @ the University of Granada (Spain)

Funded Project by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy