Set Smart Modules

The team at the University of Virginia has created a series of Karamba3D examples to guide users through several workflow processes. Each example is thoroughly explained and the geometry is internalized to run without supporting Rhino files. Input new rhino geometry into the Grasshopper definitions to see how the geometry performs.

Difficulty: Hard

This definition takes surface input from Rhino, divides it as a mesh according to density sliders, analyzes the distribution of forces on the mesh and applies a series of rhino-modeled modules according to the force pattern.

  1. Change the slider that controls mesh density
  2. Change the controlling attributes
  3. Change the graph-mapper to adjust the domain of results
  4. Input a new surface
  5. Define new modules


Rhino File Grasshopper Definition Screenshot


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Examples are available for Karamba3D 2.2.0. Examples for previous releases can be found on Food4Rhino.

Thanks to:  Jeana Ripple, Ripple Architecture Studio / University of Virginia, School of Architecture / Benjamin DiNapoli / Angelica Door / Blue Clements / Moritz Heimrath, Karamba3D