Buckling Simulation for 3D Printing in Fresh Concrete

Difficulty: Moderate (TRIAL/PRO versions only)

This definition takes surface input and creates contour slices. These slices are assigned different material properties based on the aging properties of the 3d printed concrete and then analysed in Karamba3D to see when the 3d printed object starts to buckle. Zero length springs are assigned at the supports to accurately simulate the support conditions.

1. change the layercount slider to change the layers printed
2. the layer thickness can be adapted with the contour distance
3. different input geometries can be tested

This example uses Human.

Read more about the research: Buckling Simulation for 3D Printing in Fresh Concrete


Grasshopper Definition Screenshot

Personnel: Jordy Vos & Shaun Wu (Witteveen+Bos); Clemens Preisinger & Matthew Tam (Karamba3D), Nelson Xiong Neng (Nanyang Technological University)